Sync processes and transform project operations with AI & ML.
Unify interdependent workflows across multiple programs.
Start predicting outcomes within hours of going live.
Visualize new portfolio insights in real time.

Image of a pie chart with two slices  in it. Pie chart represents the ExecBoard.
Icon of the outline of a newspaper. Icon represents the Samepage.Icon of a bandwidth signal. Icon represents Stream.Icon of a castle with a flag at the top. Icon represents Workplans.Icon of a spreadsheet. Icon represents the Cell Editor.Icon of three bars stacked on top of each other with grey lines of varying lengths within each bar. Icon represents the Gantt feature.Icon of three lines stacked on top of each other with solid squares on each line at varying distances from each other. Icon represents the SmartFeed feature.Icon of the outline of a calendar. Icon represents the WorkCal feature.Icon of two solid columns vertically next to each other. Icon represents the AgBoard feature.Icon of four solid blocks arranged in a square. Icon represents the Highlights feature.Icon representing the Timeline feature.Icon of a bar graph with four bars at varying heights. Icon represents the Reports feature.

Work in Progress

Based on execution history, how many programs will finish early or behind?

Capital Deployed

Given budget to expense ratios, how much additional funding will we need?

People at Work

How many more FTEs we need, where and when, to catch up on delays?


Which milestones are causing most of the delay, when will they complete?


What's the impact of open risks and issues, which should we resolve first?


Which workstream or groups could stall progress and need attention?


How many days to the next critical milestone for each of our programs?


How are our programs performing on core KPIs: risks, budgets, and people?


Show what transpired across all our programs between two exact dates?


Can we see all of our projects in one place regardless of our teams' tools?


Can we connect related workflows in various projects from multiple tools?


Can we contrast past, present, and future states for any project or task?


How can we instantly recognize all the recent changes made to our projects?


Can we compare the present state of projects with any point in their history?

Auto Assign

Can we assign the best person based on skills and availability for any task?

Critical Path

How can we visualize the fastest way to complete any project or program?

Critical Chain

Can we instantly identify all must-do work for any deliverable or milestone?


Can we contrast planned, actual, and projected pathways for any project?


Can I see my tasks from any project in one place — and prioritize as needed?

Work Relevance

Can I visualize how my contributions will add to the success of my project?

Work Documents

How can I avoid hunting for reference documents in multiple drives / folders?

Work Week

Can I see what needs to get done in any week for my programs & projects?

Work Allocation

Can I see who is working on what and when for any program and function?

Priority Projects

Can I see the amount of effort for different programs in any period?


Can our work progress in agile boards instantly inform portfolio dashboards?


Can teams use Waterfall with Kanban or Scrum in conjunction, as needed?


Can we scale agile for the enterprise with Nexus Scrum or SAFe framework?


What did we accomplish or learned to do even better since our last meeting?


What deliverables and milestones are top priorities before our next meeting?


What potential risks and open issues need immediate attention or action?


Can we combine various aspects from programs to show unique viewpoints?


Can we compare present and future states for different program versions?


Can we contrast different pathways for program success before starting?

Resource Forecast

How many FTEs will we need for each program — by business and function?

Budget Forecast

How much portfolio funding will we need by workstream and objective?

Work Balance

How balanced is our work distribution — across functions, roles, and people?