Unite teams to work as one.

Despite all that divides modern teams – tools, functions, business units, locations, among many others – the shared objective of organizational success unites them.

Technology can dissolve differences to maximize the shared impact of teamwork.

Our Mission: Help People Unite and Thrive!

project tools are used by 10 Mn+ companies
companies use 2 - 10+ different projects tools
150 Mn+
employees use project tools to get work done
project tool users are active daily or weekly

Our Why

Our work aims to turn project data into information to facilitate quality and timely decision-making at all levels in organizations.

We intimately understand the trials and tribulations of teams, management, and leadership trying to make mission-critical decisions every week to deliver on corporate objectives.

We have firsthand experience partnering with thousands of people in international teams working together to achieve shared goals.

Our new AI platform will unify data from multiple project tools and predict outcomes to help teams work as one for the shared success of their organizations.

Ultimately, with our Unified Projects Cloud, we aspire to create an ecosystem to unite people worldwide to work as one for the greater good of the planet.

Image of three men. These are the leaders of the company. From left to right, Paul, the Chief Tech Officer. Andy, the Chief Executive Officer. Sam, the Chief Product Officer.

Why Now

Work is changing, and it is increasingly outcome-focused and project-based. Teams everywhere rely on their preferred project tools to get their work done.

People increasingly seek autonomy and flexibility at work. Teams want independence in tool choice to optimize their workflows. Growing tool diversity is creating new data silos.

More tools mean more data, yet data without context is not helpful for decisions. It is no surprise that it is getting harder for leaders to make decisions based on the combined impact of their teams' work.

Without the contextual understanding of interrelated workflows, even the most elegant dashboards and data consolidations are pointless for leaders in decision making. Today technology has come of age to support the transformation of decision support for business leaders.

We intend to apply today's cutting-edge approaches in data convergence – iPaaS, ELT, and Reverse-ETL alongside supervised machine learning algorithms to make credible predictions and arm modern business leaders to future-proof their decisions.

Values that drive how we do everything at work

As a Public Benefit Corporation, from day one we have committed to work towards the shared success of our employees, customers, and our community, in addition to our investors and shareholders.


Being fair, honest, and upfront at all times. Doing the right thing by our employees, customers, and investors. Showing consistent and uncompromising adherence to moral and ethical principles while striving for success.


Treating others like we want to be treated. Feeling about others like we want others to feel about us. Thinking about others like we want to be thought of. Speaking to and about others like we want to be spoken to and spoken of.


Doing our best work, being our best, and striving to be a little better each day. Taking ownership and being responsible for outcomes in our control. Leading by our actions and inspiring others around us with our work.


Listening with purpose, seeking first to understand the emotions and intentions behind the information being transmitted and received. Conveying with clarity and simplicity, in a timely and transparent manner.

Where we work from

Our core team is based at our headquarters in California. Yet, most of our team works remotely all across the world.

Bay Area, CA

333 W San Carlos St, Suite 600
San Jose, California 95110


Work from anywhere and at any time. Deliver outcomes. Meet expectations.

World map showing markers in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Showcases that company team comes from all parts of the world as well as central hub in California.

Leadership team

We come from diverse backgrounds and celebrate our differences, yet, we work as one for our shared mission.

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Our partners

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Team having a meeting about project management work.