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Baxter uses Unipr to drive execution clarity across businesses to raise end-to-end operational efficiency for faster decisions.

Commercialize a pipeline of oncology drugs

Daiichi Sankyo and AstraZeneca are using Unipr in partnership to complete 215+ oncology drug launches worldwide by 2027.

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Build the Program Management Operations function from the ground up using industry best practices for a fast-growing biotech aspiring to introduce 100 new medicines in the next 10 years. Support the creation of a large-scale digital and manufacturing infrastructure.


1. Manage Complexity
Programs and Portfolios within the Life Science industry have many handoffs and interrelated functions that need to work well together. Laronde wanted to empower their teams such that each individual could focus only on their priorities and not get overwhelmed by the scale and magnitude of the complex functional coordination. Alison wanted technology to do the heavy lifting and unobtrusively simplify the complexity behind the scenes.

2. Drive Transparency
Biotech is a team sport. Driving transparency is fundamental because work can't happen seamlessly without it. Alison knew that information becomes knowledge only when people with the right experience and expertise can apply it timely to solve problems. Consequently, Alison aimed to create a frictionless exchange of information among their operations' moving parts and break down barriers to arm Laronde decision-makers with rich and relevant information at decision points.

3. Balance Effort
The lifecycle of biotech programs is usually many years. Planning for the long-term while executing in the short-term is often a delicate balancing act. Given the rapid pace of new programs entering their pipeline, Alison wanted to keep an eye on the portfolio's progress in alignment with Laronde's strategic vision for the next decade while keeping another on the thoughtful execution of the tactical plans in play.


1. Personalized Workflows. Simplified Processes.
Alison utilized Unipr to create a personalized lens of relevant work for each team member from their participating programs. Laronde's team members no longer have to search for tasks to do across programs or hunt for any task-related information. Instead, they have a customized dashboard that shows them what they need to do and why. The mechanisms for providing updates are superfluid. Drag a slider, post a comment, and be done in a few minutes. With reduced administrative burden, people now have more time to think and get work done.

2. Proactive Decisions. Informed Conversations.
With their teams interacting with the system independently, Laronde's program managers are not running around chasing information. Instead, they can focus on what data and analytics are telling them. Cross-functional conversations anywhere, anything that requires handoffs, discussions about blocking and tackling, spontaneous debates about managing risks, or weighing the virtues of various strategies for achieving desired objectives -- are all the better due to the seamless flow of information. Armed with real-time analytics, Alison's team now feels that they can be more responsive to their teams and facilitate the right conversations in meetings.

3. Multiperspective Awareness. Contextual Understanding.
From a portfolio perspective, Laronde can now house all programs and projects in one place and, merely with a glance, tell how things are across the board. And with pivotable visualizations, Laronde's leaders can now instantly assess their portfolio trends from multiple perspectives of asset, modality, stage, and function. Unipr has enhanced the ability of Alison's peers on the leadership team to focus on the issues that matter most from a chosen perspective and, as needed, rapidly understand the context behind underlying causes at multiple levels: from portfolios to programs, projects, and tasks.

"If you want to drive business in a fluid way, manage accountability in a different way, and reduce the administrative burden on team members -- why do you think the old tools are going to help you?"

"Unipr allows business leaders to focus on what matters most. We no longer have to boil the ocean, the dashboard itself tells us where our attention is needed, and it gives us the ability to get there quickly.”

"The Unipr team is highly responsive throughout the onboarding process.
The ability and their availability to answer questions were so seamless that it felt like we were one team. I felt supported 100% of the time"