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Unification to Prediction in 90 Days

Goodbye, seller pricing. Welcome, buyer pricing.

What comes with the solutions?

Each of our solutions are backed by enterprise-grade security, data privacy, and user support.

And, we provide white-glove service to every customer.


Strategic solutions

UNIFY plans from any tool
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AUTOMATE manual processes
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PREDICT future outcomes
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ENRICH cross-tools data
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Intelligent cloud-based project tools
Integrations with other workflow tools

Standard inclusions

Unlimited Projects & Portfolios
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Unlimited Cloud Data Storage
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SSL, SSO, SLA, Custom Services
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Onboarding, Training & Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most frequent questions we receive. If you'd like to learn more, please reach out and we will find a time to have a conversation.

Why do you offer buyer pricing?

The truth is that only the buyer can determine the actual value of any product. And every buyer is unique, with varying needs and different uses for a product.

Seller pricing unfairly forces buyers into artificial groups, leading to an imbalanced exchange of actual value realized by the buyer and the price collected by the seller.

We now live in a world of personalized medicine and evidence-based pricing for products. The natural extension of these trends is personalized pricing for personalized benefits delivered, as determined by the buyer.

This does mean sellers need to trust buyers to do the right thing. We do. We believe our customers are fair and trust them to measure the value we provide to them and compensate us accordingly.

To summarize our buyer pricing approach:
1. Value received can only be determined by customers.
2. Every customer has their perception of the value of a product.
3. We believe our customers are fair. We trust them to do the right thing.
4. So, we accept customer offered prices for the perceived value received.

How does your MSA & SOW work?

You start with a Pilot, where unlimited users from your team can use the entire suite of our tools for an unlimited number of projects, programs, and portfolios.

By the end of the pilot, you determine if Unipr can make a meaningful impact in your business.

If so, you select an annual enterprise subscription price based on the value you perceive Unipr brings to your organization.

You determine your annual subscription.

The purpose of the pilot is to provide you with substantial firsthand experience of the breadth of the Unipr platform and services so you can fairly assess the value of our potential partnership.

The pilot ensures you are well-informed when determining the subscription price of our product and services for your company.

Similarly, your every subsequent renewal SOW after that also depends on your perception of the value we added to your organization in the past year and the anticipated value you believe we will add in the coming year.

Our trust in your fairness is a core tenet of our approach to fair pricing.

What comprises the 10,000 Tasks?

Tasks are the lowest level of a plan, agile or waterfall. It is where work gets done. The parent levels in a WBS or the backlog in a Sprint are both just containers for tasks.

The 10,000 tasks threshold ignores all the parent-level containers. So, you can have a portfolio of ten projects with 1000 tasks, or a hundred projects with 100 tasks, all in a single PPM tool or all of them synching live from a dozen different project tools.

However, all tasks in Unipr, in any state of the plans, contribute to this 10,000 tasks threshold, whether they are in:
Templates: example tasks for reuse
Drafts: potential tasks yet to go live
Projects: live tasks (active, inactive, complete)
Baselines: historical tasks for predictive analysis
Scenarios: alternate execution strategy for tasks

What's fair price? Paying what it's worth -- To YOU.