January 1, 2023
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The Birth of Unipr

UNIPR is a cloud platform for integrating, interpreting, and predicting project data.

Exactly a year ago, Unipr was born on January 1, 2022. Unipr is an AI platform to unify project data from any software tool in the world and predict outcomes to help business leaders make better decisions.

Our raison d'etre

From Asana, Jira, Smartsheet, Airtable, monday.com, Wrike to Microsoft Project — today, there are more than 1200 project management software tools in the world used by more than 10 million businesses to plan and execute hundreds of millions of projects every year.

95% of teams at those businesses use two or more different PM tools. Why? Because not every tool provides all that a project team needs to get their work done. Yet, over 100 million users log into a project tool at least once a week.

More tools mean more data silos, which means that leaders still have to rely on manual processes to compile spreadsheets and slides for business decision-making.

UNIPR is data integration, data interpretation, and data prediction software that will do three things:

  • One – It will pull projects data from different PM tools and help teams connect relevant parts of their workflows to other teams — without leaving their tools.
  • Two – It will predict portfolio outcomes regarding future completion timelines, expected budgets, anticipated risks, resource needs, and more.
  • And three – It will then push predictive analytics data for individual projects back to their project teams inside their respective PM tools.

In this way, UNIPR will assist the executive and portfolio leadership in future-proofing their decisions and eventually help raise the quality of decision-making at all levels in their organizations.

We want to help portfolio, program, and project leaders go beyond visualizing what is late, above budget, and under-resourced in their current portfolios.

Using our AI algorithms, business leaders can think about what projects or programs WILL be late, WILL be above budget, and WILL be under-resourced in the coming months and years.

Our objective is to help our customers to dive into the why behind their future portfolio challenges and explore what they can do about it in the present.

Logo Design Message: "Diversity with Unity"

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