March 21, 2022
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What can software trials learn from clinical trials? Be endpoint-focused and not time-bound.

Like Clinical Trials, Software Trials should be endpoint-focused and not time-bound.

At Unipr, our FREE trials are not time-bound. We optimize trials to demonstrate genuine outcomes — predetermined endpoints that provide adequate proof of value to potential customers.

The philosophy is inspired by the life science industry, where trials are not particularly time-bound but are optimized to evaluate markers of safety and efficacy — genuine outcomes and product value, which determine the next steps.
Unipr does not make pricing decisions for customers. Instead, our customers determine the FAIR VALUE price based on their perception of the benefit their company would receive from our products and services over the next 12 months.

And later, based on objective value metrics - qualitative and quantitative, customers determine their renewal price for the following term. Again, our philosophy is inspired by the life science industry, where real-world evidence informs payers about the price of a product.

Similarly, our policy to indefinitely provide FREE products and services to emerging companies (<100 FTEs) is inspired by the compassionate use policy of the life science industry — where deserving patients get innovative products at no cost.

By investing in the growth of emerging companies, we aspire to play a small role in helping more patients get access to novel treatments, and with our assistance, hopefully, sooner.

While we are still building the fundamentals of our new business, I think it is encouraging when potential investors are skeptical about the unconventional business practices that our customers love.

We are not just in the business to help customers do more with less — time, effort, and resources. We are in it to build enduring trust, deliver tangible outcomes, and create genuine value for our customers.

Our focus is not on how much more we can "get" from customers. We focus on how much more value we can "give" our customers.

We believe that when you are doing the right things, the right things happen for you.

Have feedback or thoughts? Please get in touch. I would love to learn from you.

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