February 14, 2022
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FREE for Emerging Organizations Program

FREE for Organizations with <100 FTEs

Today we are launching our FREE for Emerging Organizations Program.

Through this program, we will provide UNIPR software and services to any organization that is yet to hire 100 full-time employees.

Why are we doing this?

As a public benefit organization, we are committed to our community's shared success. We aim to help emerging organizations achieve their objectives at a minimal cost.

We are and have been in emerging organizations in our past lives. We know the impact of gratis help and resources in the early days.

We have benefited from our community's benevolence and generosity. Today we are standing on the shoulders of giants. We would not be here if it weren't for our giving community.

So, now it is our turn to give back. And we are starting with those we can help the most and those who can use limited cash elsewhere.

From a business perspective, with our free for emerging and fair price for established customers pricing approach, we want to help early-stage companies to grow. So that when they grow, we could grow with them.

Our Emerging Organizations Program focuses on organizations with a portfolio of projects. Primarily we want to help:

  • Academic Institutions and Research Organizations
  • Nonprofits Organizations or other public benefit groups
  • Startups from any field, operating anywhere in the world

Under this program, we will provide emerging organizations the entire suite of UNIPR software and services for FREE, with no limitations and no hidden charges of any sort, as long as they have less than one hundred full-time employees.

We hope that our program will inspire many other software companies to do more for emerging organizations and to uplift all boats around us as we begin to enjoy the ride on our rising tides.

Have feedback or thoughts? Please get in touch. I would love to learn from you.

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